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  • Conceptual estimation to evaluate project viability and establish preliminary projected cost

  • Building-site pre-evaluation

  • Detailed construction estimates

  • Design and cost control (value engineering) to assist clients in reaching their budgetary goals

  • Development of a guaranteed maximum price

  • Solicitation of proposals from specialty contractors and suppliers to ensure competitive pricing

  • Bidding



  • Ability to self-perform construction activities to provide competitive pricing, schedule advantage, and project control when it provides the best value for the project

  • Establishment of realistic milestones that support the project’s end goal

  • Sequencing and scheduling of project from conception to occupancy

  • Development of short-term and long-range planning schedules

  • Information management of project communication, correspondence, and documentation

  • Management of client’s budget

  • Quality control

  • Management and tracking of necessary inspections and documentation for completion, occupancy, and operation of the facility



  • Management of warranty period via single point of contact for all warranty calls

  • Special maintenance and modification services available



  • Contract administration

  • Project management planning

  • Cost management

  • Time management

  • Quality management

  • Safety management



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