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Is YOUR Home Builder LICENSED?

Is YOUR home builder licensed?

In Alabama, it's easy to check in 4 simple steps:

1) Go to

2) Look for the blue Consumers box on the right, click "Licensee Search"

3) Search by license number, company name, individual's name, city, or county.

(Note: If your search doesn't produce results, search by another criteria. For example, searching by company name often produces no result unless you type the EXACT name, including LLC, INC, etc.)

4) Click "View Details" to ensure the license is still active.

(Note: Just because a home builder's name is listed, does not mean the license is active. However, an inactive license could also mean that the builder is simply in the process of renewing their license. In order to verify a builder's status, in this case, you can always call the Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board 1-800-304-0853.)

Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board Image.jpg

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